Recognizing Highly Qualified Practicing STEM Educators

Celebrating STEM educators who support and represent the National STEM Academy and the Academy’s Educator Resource Center programs by making connections with educators, families, and communities.

The National STEM Academy support includes, but is not limited to, participating in virtual, on-site, and/or ‘On the Go’ outreach STEM and/or History based field trip programs; volunteering for programs, projects, and/or special events; teaching summer camps and/or Saturday STEM Labs; participating in professional development workshops and/or the Educator STEM Conference.


The goals of the STEM Educator Ambassador program are to improve STEM education and promote resources and programs readily available through the Educator Resource Center at the National STEM Academy. We strive to maintain a strong relationship with our STEM Ambassadors in order to serve STEM education.


Enduring partnership between STEM Educator Ambassadors and the National STEM Academy’s education programs is our highest priority.  We greatly value and deeply appreciate our STEM Educator Ambassador’s experience, expertise, leadership and time.   This partnership includes making connections with educators, families, and communities.

Ambassadors will be invited to provide information about STEM education, resources, and programs available at and through the National STEM Academy as well as participate in professional development opportunities offered through the Educator Resource Center, including the STEM Educator Workshop Series.

Become a STEM Ambassador Today

The Museum of Aviation greatly appreciates our STEM Educator Ambassadors and all of their contributions to our community.  We look forward to welcoming you to our team.  STEM Educator Ambassadors will be recognized for their leadership skills and their continuous effort to improve STEM education within the communities they serve and by their promotion of National STEM Academy resources and programs.

At the end of each school year, up to four educators will be selected by the Educator Resource Center and invited to participate in the STEM Educator Ambassador Program.

Each Ambassador will receive:

  • Official Educator Resource Center STEM Educator Ambassador Certificate
  • A National STEM Academy STEM Educator Ambassador Pin
  • 25% off for all virtual, on-site, and ‘On the Go’ outreach field trip programs for their classroom (Discount valid for Ambassador’s class only, cannot be used for school or other teachers and is non-transferable)
  • Recognized on the STEM Educator Ambassador webpage
  • Recognized on the STEM Educator Ambassador wall display in the Educator Resource Center’s Lending Library

STEM Educator Ambassadors of the Year

Each year, a STEM Educator Ambassador will be recognized for their exemplary efforts as an Ambassador.

The STEM Educator Ambassador of the Year will be awarded by the Educator Resource Center each summer and recognized at the GA Educator STEM Conference.  The recipient will be selected based on their support of the Educator Resource Center and other National STEM Academy education programs and their continuous efforts to fulfill the STEM Educator Ambassador Program’s goals and duties.

The STEM Educator Ambassador of the Year will receive:

  • Official Certificate naming them as Educator of the Year
  • Free registration for the GA Educator STEM Conference
  • Recognition on the STEM Educator Ambassador’s webpage and on National STEM Academy’s social media platforms
  • and $1000

Meet Our Ambassadors

Dawn Hardy

NSA Ambassador

Mrs. Dawn Hardy has been a teacher since 1994 and has a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master's degree in Elementary Math. Mrs. Hardy has been participating and volunteering for the National STEM Academy and the Educator Resource Center since 2008. She has taught many summer camps, professional development workshops, and special event classes for the National STEM Academy. Mrs. Hardy exemplifies the duties of the STEM Educator Ambassador program and has been instrumental in surpassing the goals of the STEM Educator Ambassador Program.

Belynda Songer

NSA Ambassador

Belynda is a Georgia certified Middle and High school science teacher in the Middle Georgia area in Engineering/Technology, Broad Field Science, SPED, Science, and Art. her educations includes a BA in Education Science, an MS in Curriculum and Instruction and a NASA Endeavor STEM certificate. Her passion is teaching students and teachers in the the field of STEM and STEAM in her own classroom and the classroom at the Educator Resource Center and the National STEM Academy. She also supports NASA Education via curriculum creation and storytelling.

Kimberly Barkmeyer

NSA Ambassador

Kimberly Barkmeyer has been teaching for 9 years in grades 3 and 5. She has a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Development. She currently teachers 5th grade Science in Peach County. Kimberly uses what she learns from workshops with the National STEM Academy to help teachers in her school integrate science and STEM into their projects. She assisted in coordinating her school's first STEAM Day, taught professional development classes on Teacher Clarity, and, with the help of her students, successfully hatched and raised 4 chickens. This yea she will be instructing her first workshop for the Educator Resource Center's STEM workshop series.

Becky Busby

NSA Ambassador

Becky Busby has dedicated her teaching career to the Liberty County School System for 24 years. In her current position as a Gifted Resource Teacher, she works with kindergarten through fifth grade gifted students. Mrs. Busby was selected to partner with Space Center Houston and NASA to embark on the Year in Space mission to bring NASA resources and STEM education to Georgia. Mrs. Busby was recently named Space Station Explorer Exceptional Educator Award recipient from ISS National Laboratory for her work with inspiring students to embrace STEM opportunities beyond the classroom. The recognition of being selected to participate in the National STEM Academy STME Educator Ambassador Program will help Mrs. Busby to reach many more students and educators across Georgia.